Pray 4 Ellis

Praying for every home in Ellis County


Pastors and churches often ask how they can make a difference for the cause of Christ.  Often our quest leads us to mission work or the newest program or a successful church’s website.  These quests could be exactly the tools you need or not.  Our desire is to see churches and people’s lives transformed because of Jesus Christ.  Going on mission trips, checking out the newest programs and seeing what other churches are doing can be a good thing but transforming churches and people’s lives is a God thing.  

If you want to see your church transformed and people come to Christ then it means us seeking God for that transformation.  When you and your church seek the welfare of others, it changes our hearts for the church and for others.

Ellis Baptist Association (EBA) desires to see our county transformed for Christ.  We believe Pray4Ellis is a tool that your church could use to see this happen in your community and as we partner together, throughout the county.

Ellis County is the fifth largest county in the DFW Metroplex.  Our area is one of the fastest growing areas in the nation.  Our county is projected to see over 300,000 people join our county of 200,000 people.  In 2050 we are expected to see 500,000 people living in Ellis County.  What we do today impacts the people moving here.

EBA has a burden to pray for the people living in Ellis County.  We are asking our pastors and church leaders to lead their churches in praying for each home in their city or community.  We anticipate God doing some amazing things in Ellis County.

If a church needs help organizing those prayer efforts, we have a tool that could easily be used by churches or individuals. is an ideal website for such a feat.  Churches or individual can sign up.  All you have to do is sign up to receive an email every day of five houses in your area.  It will give you five different names for 10 days and then repeat.  It is amazing how your prayers are transformed by just knowing the names of people who are your neighbors.  You are now able to put a name with the face because you will see them coming and going from their houses.  People love to hear their name and gives you that ability to put names and faces together.

We want to see churches loving on their neighbors and reengaging an old past-time that our modern society has forgotten and that is Loving our Neighbors by praying for them.  Click below to find out more.