Everything rises and falls on Leadership.  – John Maxwell


Leadership Development

Whether you’ve been leading for years or are just beginning, EBA wants to help you develop your leadership skills.   EBA believes that God calls out leaders. We believe that those who respond to that call and would be effective in today’s changing environment, must be committed to the pursuit of being a better leader.  Some people are natural born leaders and others have to work harder in developing those skills. It doesn’t matter if we are naturally gifted or we have to work at it, we all have to develop leading.

EBA believes in leadership development for all types of ministry leaders. No matter what your area of ministry or your focus is within the church, or your level of experience, responsibility or expertise, we want to help you to have an impact in leading.

EBA offers a variety of opportunities throughout the year.  Please contact our office for more information.


Sunday School and Small Group Leader Training