Hand in Hand Ministries seeks to encourage wives of pastors and church staff as they are affirmed and strengthened in the pastoral care ministry by finding a confidential, trustworthy advocate to aid them in becoming all that our Lord Jesus Christ wants each to be.

Mae Evelyn Newell is a former Pastor’s wife.  She and her husband Sam were married for 43 years when Sam went home to be with the Lord.  Beginning in 1967, they pastored churches in Texas, Nevada, Oregon and Arizona. Evelyn returned to Lancaster, Texas where her family and long-time friends reside.  She has been allowing the Lord to heal her of the loss of her husband.  Her home church is Eastridge Baptist Church in Red Oak.Hand in Hand Ministries has been a passion of hers for many, many years.  Being in the ministry and living far away from family has given Evelyn a real appreciation for family and friends.  Beginning this ministry for pastors’ wives is the result of a calling God gave her so long ago.  Evelyn has three grown children, five grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.

Evelyn may be reached at evelynnewell@sbcglobal.net